29 Haziran 2008 Pazar

Güzel Lezler

Less talk..

Kanlı Lezler

Bloody Friday

I know, I know.. this isn't exactly what you're expecting from me, right? Well, sometimes I do surprise even myself. It's just an interesting picture theme, and the fact that they came up with this idea and made it happen is also.. interesting. It's kind of sensual I think, and the blood looks so obviously fake too :)

28 Haziran 2008 Cumartesi

Wowww Lezzzz

I loved her with my mouth

First post

As a test, I thought I should post a picture and see how it goes :) I´m all new to this, it´s my first blog! Anyway, this picture is pretty nice imho, hope you like it too..

Lez Öp

Shut up and kiss me

Photo Lezler

Photo Tuesday

Jordan with Carmen Electra

I´m working on a new update for today, and that will take up most of my time I guess :)
I´m also going away a few days, so there won´t be any new posts on this blog
until next week, just so you know. I would also like to thank Yonder for making the first comment on this blog, thanks! :D

You don´t have to be registered on Blogger to comment, just choose "Anynomous" and PLEASE comment! I need it so bad! *lol*